Successful prediction of Rameez … Stunningly Revealed

Islamabad [P-A-N] during champion trophy some intellectual captions suggested their favorite team on this ocean only Rameez Raja suggested that Pakistan will participate and will won champion trophy  and selected Pakistani team as favorite which was meaning less idea because progress of Pakistan will not outstanding as compared to other teams,which prove absolutely right. Now Rameez  Raja lift the curtains on secretes and he said Pakistani plays with great effort in international cricket because there is great talent in Pakistani people and they can also play very  important role in international cricket.Actually cricket doesn’t depend upon rank number specially in knockout steps great effort of any team for one hour in bowling and a batting changes over all condition of match  and Pakistani team play the same role and it belongs to youngster  cricketer Sarfaraz  Ahmad my prediction prove right because Pakistan won trophy in 1992 in Ramadan  which is the important month for Muslims and in same case Pakistan participated champion trophy in Ramadan  in 2017 which prove great destiny for Pakistani cricket team

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