The fruit which described by Holy Prophet [P.B.U.H ] treatment of 70 diseases

Islamabad [Monitoring desk] Olive is wonderful and meaningful fruit with maverick and many meaningful goods,It is reported by Hazrat Abu Huraira that holy prophet said that you should use oil of olive  as food and oiling because it is treatment of 70 diseases and Allah also mentioned it in holy Quran. Olive is very important in our lives and it adds delight in whole life because it is only enjoyed fruit with how many beneficial effects. Olive has many useful effects some are given below; Olive controls blood pressure,it also control uncontrolled division of cells in body (Cancer preservation) ,it is also meaningful in inflammatory problems including allergic reaction and inflammation ,it controls blood cholesterol , it contain great amount of vitamin E and also contain sodium,magnesium,iron phosphorus Oleic acid.It has great social effects for some countries because it is not cultivated on everywhere and some countries use it as oil and food.

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