Nawaz Sharif is completely Self-esteem and prove himself on kargil war…(Pervez Musharraf )

Islamabad [Online] Leader and head of Pakistan Muslim league q general Pervez Musharraf said in his interview that Pakistan is facing many problems financially,socially and politically.

In fact Nawaz Sharif is destroying Pakistani power thorough “corruption” and he is fully selfish and Self-esteem person because on Kargil war Pakistan army face all problems and soldiers sacrifice their lives for theircountry and their all efforts was completely successful but on that time Nawaz Sharif’s could not understood the values  of their lives and he wasted the efforts of soldiers and because it was not love for Muslims nor for Pakistanis but it was totally hatred for Pakistanis.So i am fully trying for  “justice” and “Honesty”member of my party will participate at all levels  for the success of Pakistan and Pakistanis peoples and Pakistanis should finish selfish and dishonest politics.



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