“Yalgaar” film break all records and viewing in 22 countries

Islamabad [P-A-N] Pakistan is making progress in film industry and entering in developed in countries. Recently massive cost container   and fill with greatest actions of famous actors has made world record and  earning after releasing in short time.This film is full of spirit of “patriotism” .This Pakistani film is viewing in 22 countries. For first time this film collected 1.75 crores on 1st day of Eid and 2.40 crore on 2nd day of Eid and 3rd day collected 2.20 crore so in Eid days total amount of collection was 6.35 crore this amount of collection confirmed by industrial agents on 4th day racked 1.40 crore so this became highest earning in Pakistan and India in a week. “Yakgaar” is viewing on box offices of Pakistan,India,America,UK,Denmark,France,Australia,Singapore,UAE,Newzealand, South Africa ,Bahrain,and other popular countries  and

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