Impossible became possible with modern technology! But how?

Russia (Mascow) [monitoring desk] Impossible is not fact this is some one’s opinion similarly modern researches proved it right.

Experts in modern technology performed a series of experiments as a result they succeed to prepared a dress with great desired features. This dress is the result of latest technology and which proved to be helpful in many field of life against social evils.This dress could not access to direct observation.There are many type of cells in it which can reflect all observable rays.Actually observation possible that time if object is larger than the visible light and visible rays be reflect through object. Experts designed it on the principle so that it not reflect visible light due to which these object can’t be observed. This dress specially designed so that it can’t reflect any rays even in radar system and other electrical and mechanical devices.

Main purpose of dress to stop social evils and this will provide to employee specially military members

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