Member of national assembly showed his personal secrets

Multan [P-A-N]Member of national assembly Jamshed dasti told about personal secrets.He tells that “Meera”is not suitable for him and I wants to merry with lady with honest،beware character  and belong to excellent noble family. He further told us he will merry after next election.

When Jamshed dasti  reached Multan and said in his talk  that the reason that sent him to jail,was disobedience of mother,and I will try to not disobedience anyone person and pray to Allah to keep him on right way and I will merry after next election.

He further said I am thankful to court for justice and member of every department and party specially head of “Threek-e-Insaf” respected Imran Khan and I will invite all beside NAwaz Sharif and Shahbaz  Sharif

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