Breakfast is too necessary for life Be careful to abandon breakfast

Landon [P-A-N] Food is a great blessing of Allah Almighty and anyone can never denial of it.Latest media reports informed doctors that breakfast is too necessary for health and it’s denial can access many fatal disease like heart’s disorders,heart attack,brain’s fatal diseases،Stroke and other dangerous for health.Recently modern research in Howard University showed it that breakfast is necessary for everyone’s life، A series of experiment performed on one hundred and twenty thousand people.It proved that people who ignore breakfast were suffering from fatal diseases like heart attack,stroke (falij) etc. Doctors advised to never ignore breakfast at any state.In the series of experiment there are 7,723 people were suffering from Stroke and 870 from heart diseases so resultant 20% people suffering from fatal diseases. Breakfast denial  also were suffering from blood cholesterol and blood pressure etc.

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