necessary things should change regularly otherwise….

Landon [Net news] there are many things in our house which have specific
expiry date after that we should not use such things otherwise serious and permanent problems can Coming out.but in some cases we use things after expiry date. I want to tell you similar things Whatever have dangerous effect after expiry date.

Sleepers shoes is one of the most important thing and every person uses it and we throw them after break even we used them for many year they also have expiry date we should not use them after one year or two.Use of these sleepers for many year can cause feet bacterial infections.But according to experts in health sleeper shoes should use for 6 month and after 6 month should be change our sleepers shoes.If it is difficult to change then should wash them carefully with antibacterial instruments or contents.If we not take care of sleepers then the chance of bacterial infection increases

Pillow is one of the important thing in our daily use for bed and it has also has specific expiry date.According to health experts bacterial growth increases gradually.If we will not change our pillow after two year after that time bacterial growth increases gradually and reached at dangerous level which can cause dangerous effects and health problems including hair problems and skin problems and it can also cause pain in neck and head and around them

similarly hair brush should change after six month and should wash after a week.

These all are very small and non serious things which can cause serious health problems and we should never ignore them.

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