So sad news for whole humanity which made each one disappointed

Chichawatni [P-A-N] Nurse of Karachi Nevi hospital buried in graveyard with every one’s tear eyes and Oops.On this occasion every one was very sad and disappointed and could not stop their tears.On 24 June Firdous tabassum as nurse at Sahiwall near bi pass Chowk reached on terminal,as she reached on terminal as usual she was coming for her work and for this purpose she haired a taxi,moreover taxi’s driver and his colleague were intention of evil and attacked her for abuse,as she can do and she fought against them,she defend herself as she can do and she fought to save her honor but she could not save herself, driver and his colleagues could not bear their failure and began to attack on her and crossed the limit of honor of humanity and injured her. WAPDA team’s worker were on their working tour and they noticed a severe injured girl at 3″O clock at night and she was in the state of unconscious and they called 1122 for help.Helping team took her in civil hospital’s ICU,her condition became more dangerous for health and doctors could not control her health and refer her to MHO Okara cantt and than MHO Multan Cantt. She faced coma state for 11 days and after all died today. Government should Investigation at all and should punished offender strictly.

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