Hate between Pakistan and India will stand a huge conflict. (sartaj aziz)

Islamabad [ P-A-N] Pakistan’s advisor for foreign affairs ‘Sartaj Aziz’ said in his interview that India wants to spread anarchy while Pakistan can never support those country in which honor of humanity is not saved and Pakistan wants to spread peace in every field of life at every place in the world, in this time India is not serious on the problem of terrorism because Indian army is violating on line of control with regular intervals which shows that Indian’s government is totally against peace  while Pakistan never fired on line of control  before India.

He further said that  there is no chance  to create peace in Afghanistan through army action, “Saarc conference”was very important for the peace of Afghanistan and cancellation of “saarc conference” destroyed peace of Afghanistan.

Now Pakistan army is gradually decreasing the effect of terrorism and near to completion and proved practically that we will never abandon their struggle against terrorist and in operation “Zarb e Azb” started in 2014 in north Waziristan and proved very effective against terrorist and destroyed main their  campuses we were scared from “Tehreek e Talliban”which started in 2004 but in this time operation “Zarb e Azb “and “Radul Fasad” stopped their all activities.

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