Shocked activity of Indian, Worship of motorbike.

Rajasthan [net news] There is temple in village in the state of  Rajasthan which is 50 km away from Indian city Jodhpurs,in which an “old bike” present and worship was performed for its owner by the people.There “Om Bob”and”Goli (Built) Bob” the story of the temple is 30 years old.The fact is that the Oma Singh Rathore’s son of honorable villager was coming on his 350 CCN field motorcycles that suddenly his motorcycle hitted with a tree and 20 feet deep went away and the next day people found him with dead body and broken motorcycle.According to villager’s detail there many wonderful,surprised and amazing events appeared.Event after event surprised most of the people and they confused and they named it “Avatar”and made a minor temple and began to worship and they named temple “Built Bob”. Now whole motorbike sealed in glasses and people come for visit and worship from Rajasthan and nearby areas and they also climb on it.


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