The beginning of the fourth stage of the laptops scheme for students.

Islamabad [P-A-N]Two hundred thousand laptop distribution, registration procedures for students who wish to continue their higher study.laptop scheme of the fourth and fifth stages beginning on Monday , students can admit your details to September 30 on website []. for students there will be distributed two million laptops, PhD, M Phil, Masters and undergraduate courses for students in the fourth and fifth stages of the Prime Minister’s Laptop Scheme for young people to apply  that begins from Monday. Two public institutions of higher education in the country, students million laptops will. PhD, MPhil, Masters and undergraduate courses for students who washed three-year Diploma of Associate Engineering Program at the  colleges to apply for the acquisition of laptops for students from FATA and public colleges or universities of Islamabad intermediate, graduate & post graduate students for special quota is allocated quotas for students so that they your details on the site benefit from the scheme until 30 September. This scheme started from Monday till 30 September.

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