You always noticed beneficial effects of “Mango” but it also has dangerous effects.

  1. Research [P-A-N] Mango is known as king of ‘fruits’ and it is also known as most popular fruit in the world. Every one like it because it has very sweat taste and pleasant flavor. It is hardly condition may be some don’t like this. Actually it has very healthy affect of life, But over eating can cause some dangerous effect on health. Researches in university of ‘California’ and ‘Haward’  university shows that over eating of mango can cause very dangerous effect in internal metabolic processes. These are given below:

Sugar level in blood:

Ripe mangoes contain large amount of sugar and it control sugar level in blood. So the presence of large amount of mango increase sugar level in blood and it can cause ‘Diabetes’ which is one of the dangerous disease. Effected person from ‘Diabetes’ should avoid to eat mangoes because it will increase sugar level in body which can create very serious condition for patient.


It very great idea that “widely use of any thing can prove dangerous” Fiber containing food is necessary for health but at a certain level. Mango (Of normal size) contain at least 3 gram of fiber. When we eat large amount of mangoes it increases fiber level in body and large quantity of fiber can cause “Diarrhea”  and this can cause pain in stomach and in abdomen.


According to doctor’s opinion sugar is necessary for for health and mango also contain 31 gram of sugar and sugar is actual form of glucose and glucose provides energy to all metabolic processes in the body. When glucose increase more then certain level then it starts to increase cholesterol level in body and causes “Obesity” . Obesity is the father of diseases. Fat people should avoid from eating mangoes.

Allergic problems:

Some time mango skin contain such chemical which can cause ‘Allergy’. Actually allergy is not included in fatal disease but some time it start skin problems. Artificially ways to ripe mangoes can increase the chance of allergy in our body.

Skin inflammation related diseases:

Mango is known as such fruit which contain certain chemical which is known as “Urushiol”. Sometime we feel pain in stomach and in abdominal cavity. This pain is due to “Urushiol”  chemical and it began to create skin inflammation and other skin diseases.

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