Nawaz Sharif is under pressure, will give resign??? Shocking news.

Islamabad [P-A-N] Nawaz Shraif is seemed to be run out and many experts suggested that Nawaz Sharif will not resign because he loved to be a Prime minister and want to earn money any way. He don’t think about protection of ‘Democracy’ of Pakistan and he has became completely  selfish. Because he is most famous corrupt person in the history of Pakistan. Now “Panma” JIT is deciding his future and is withdrawing all facts about his accounts and companies and other sources about money. JIT team prepared their final report in which all fact including pictures and videos and other prove again him. Supreme Court of Pakistan will give final decision on 17 July. In past Nawaz Sharif said in his consultation that he’ll never resign at any rate even in serious condition. Now Nawaz Sharif is seemed to be in disappointed and trouble.

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