Friendship between India and America, China and Pakistan, And combat equipment

Beijing [P-A-N] India wants to become a great power all over the world and wants to destroy Pakistan. Friendship between China and Pakistan is a very great example of good relationship and best relation all over the world and both countries played very important role to retain this relationship in every field at any time. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited to America worried about on the US’s open-up Spy drone and weapons purchase offer, and they are arranging plane for this purpose in which India will purchase  US’s Spy drone.

Therefore on the other hand Pakistan and China are preparing ‘Think tank’ plane. These tanks consist of modern technology. Actually this is only for their defense.Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to America has also been worried House official official says no such concern is concerned about any of the neighbors. Must be India had reabout the clean-up shopping tank on US-based open-up drone strikes, a White quested the United States last year to purchase non-pilot 22 detective planes. The cost of this deal is US $ 2 billion, according to the information, this matter will be fixed only after the Congress certification examination. He said in his own that the request of the application from the U.S. government would be genuine pleasure while selling the MQ-9B model spy plane to the United States.

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