These necessary vegetables for rainy weather days should be eat…..

New Delhi [P-A-N] Monsoon Season is known as moister season and in this season many bacteria can grow easily and can spread infections easily. Some time these infections can prove fatal for some living organism. There are some necessary things which can help us against bacterial infection. According to doctors in moister season such food necessarily should eat which contain vitamin C in extra amount because this prove very helpful to increase the immunity of body, and destroy infected cells in body. Recently new research in Indian Institute of Science of Bangalore proved that vitamin C is necessary for rainy days because moisture in atmosphere increase the production of bacteria and micro organism which can cause many many skin problems and allergic reaction kawali, Vitamin Cucio bacterium prevents the smig meat It also ends and ends and this bacterium also affects molecular system and vitamin C defend against these bacteria and stop their growth and production. According to doctors nearly 500 mg vitamin is necessary for health to provide protection against bacterial infection. Therefore vitamin C containing vegetables should be preferred.


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