China became the most investing country in Pakistan.

Karachi: Foreign direct investment in the country increased by five percent, while China became the most direct investment country in Pakistan. According to the recent data issued by State Bank, foreign direct investment in Pakistan has increased to $ 2.41 billion at the end of fiscal year 2016-17.In 2007-08, the highest foreign investment was seen in the year 2007-08, which was $ 5.4 billion, but after 2008 the crisis in energy crisis was due to lack of governance and security due to lack of foreign investment. Domestic direct investment growth is being seen in which 49% of investment is being done by the country of China.China had invested $ 1.86 billion in the fiscal year 2017, followed by Holland’s $ 463 million, Turkey is third at $ 136 million, while Norway ‘Egypt’ from the United Arab Emirates and the United Arab Emirates in 2017 I saw the fall in investment.

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