Katrina Kaif is Bollywood’s most hard worker actress with best performance (Salman Khan)

Mumbai [P-A-N] Bollywood famous and great actor in Indian movies Salman Khan said in his interview that Katrina kaif is very great actor and she worked hard in her every duty/ This is due to reason that she included very interesting and successful actors in Bollywood,During an interview to the Indian media, Salman Khan said that Katrina is the best and most hard actor in the entire Bollywood.As the 18th IFA Awards, who established in New York, both looked together and did’t any compromise for appreciation each others. Salman Khan also said in reference to his 30-year career in Bollywood that after 30 years of staying with the industry, now he is aware with all secretes of the movie’s story that which story acceptable and which not.

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