Libya’s citizen are facing trouble due to huge amount of taxes after “Qaddafi” pass away.

Tripoli [ Net news] Qaddafi was such which reduced taxes for their citizen all very large possible level but their citizen can not understand their passion and they were think that he is only selfish and dishonest ruler which only think about their benefits and they destroyed their region. Now Libya’s citizen facing many problems and are under the burden of huge taxes.

Recently according to private private channel Libya’s ruler is introducing taxes day by day. According to recently governmental notification when the Libyan citizen married a foreign woman, 5000 dinars and 3,000 foreigners were married to a Libyan woman dinar will have to pay.The interim government, giving its verdict, declared this move as a support for the marriage fund.However, the people of Libya say that the implementation of this tax would increase in the spending of civilians besides getting burden on civilians.After the collapse of the former leader Muammar Gaddafi’s government, the majority of the country’s youth face severe economic conditions.It is clear that in  2012 a marriage fund was made to facilitate supervision of social affairs ministry in Libya.Its goal is to control the growing rate of unmarried women in the country. The most important responsibility for the fund is to help the families of married people and to provide reasonable money for wedding expenses.It is clear that Libya’s President Mahmmud Qaddafi has taken a lot of facilities to Libya, but after the revolution, the situation in Libya is worsening, and the government is offering new taxes on day to day.


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