Online costumes buyers become smart……..!!!!!???

LAHORE (online) buyers of online costumes, women get smart, fraud in online shopping cost started, the court gave the Facebook administration the details of the Facebook page owner who sold the women’s clothing on social media. Judicial Magistrate Farooq Azam Sohail District District Court hearing on the FIA request, FIA Cyber Crime Circle, after completing the inquiry on Magistrate  server’s request, ruled out the court that the petitioner’s wife, Qazi, got the Facebook Page Feature Star rack. Bought online party dresses and for this, the lady sent 13,000 rupees to the Facebook page owner by Mobi Cash.The photographer, while presenting the details of the mobile number and identity card of the accused involved in the Apparel fraud, said the accused did not provide party dress buyer to the party as a order to match the Facebook Page Five Star Turtles, but the accused also closed their mobile phone.Therefore, registering a free starring Facebook page page for fraudulent selling of online costumes can be provided to record data and activities.After the hearing of the arguments and the review of the record, the Facebook administration gave California details to the FIA’s details of the sale of female women’s clothing on social media to the FIA.

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