Some amazing discoveries of the scientific world.

Science is equally necessary for everyone.Everything that comes in reality connects to science. it is important to understand here that science is not a fact,based book, but it is a process that helps us with important information about the world.Science is related to everything we can examine and observe  through this article we will inform you about some of the important things about science:

Science changes:

Everything we hear from childhood is true that it is not necessary to die asleep! The most important thing in science is that it changes over time, through which we are aware of more important about this universe.

Every natural thing is not healthy:

This is an important point of view, naturally there are many things in the world but it is not necessary that they are also useful for all health.For example, potassium cyanide is natural but the totally is not healthy.

Germs are available everywhere:

Even if everyone call of your body also gives a vote, even the germs in your body will get 90% degree.According to the statistics of the cells, the bacterial cells found in our body are more than human cells.

You use 100% brain:

Usually it is found that man does not use his whole brain, but it is not correct because you use 100 percent of your brain by the way- but the difference is that you do not use the whole brain at a time.

Mobile Phone Will Not Take Your Life:

We have heard so far that there are disadvantages from mobile that are harmful to humans.Of course there is no doubt that your mobile phone produces radiation, but similar radiation is available in humans.So the mobile phone does not prove to be known for you as murder.

Science is a process:

Science is not a combination of facts, but it is a process that has been resolved by different views, and therefore, there is a permanent change in scientific knowledge.


Every living creature of the earth is also the feature that he can get himself self-knowledge and this information reaches others with the help of DNA.

Our memory is incomplete:

Do you know that our memory is often proved wrong – according to a recent report there are several movements that aim to reduce the issues based on witness witnesses of courts.The fact is that you can not remember anything correctly from yourself. You only remember the same things that you have seen at the end of any matter. And when you try to remember them by emphasizing their mind, some things forget about them and add some. 


Most of the nutrients we eat (not all) pass through a certain phase of genetic modification and called GMOs . Millions of people in the past few decades just because of their lives Be sure to use the food that they used to do.


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