The famous actress of the recently released movie “Jaga jassos” has committed suicide, sinks in Bollywood.

Mumbai [ Monitoring desk] According to the Indian media, 27-year-old Indian actress, Badisha, was found dead in her flat in Garh last day.Police say the actress blew his life by fading his neck.Indian television actress and singer Badisha recently appeared in the movie Jaga jasoos with Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif. Her acting in the film was liked as long as she had been performing hosts in different programs and radio, besides acting. Badisha’s father has accused his daughter’s husband Nitat Jha and said that her daughter did not commit suicide, but her husband forced her to take such a big step.He revealed about his daughter’s domestic circumstances and said that relations between his daughter and daughter-in-law were not good, and most of them were households unfair, due to which their daughter wanted to separate from her husband but The situation was so bad that my daughter got tired and committed suicide.Her father further added that she was calling her daughter but she was not taking the phone because of which she was worried and she reached the police station  when they reached the door was shut in. The police had to break the door by breaking the door and entered.As soon as the police entered the house of Badisha, he saw that the body of Badisha was hanging from the wings of fan.Police deputy commissioner Mr. Shahranan says no body has been found near the body. According to the allegations made by the father police have arrested the husband of Badisha, which is under investigation.

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