How is healing of the smell of mouth ‘Neem-healed treasure hidden’?

KARACHI (P-A-N) Medical experts have described the “Neem”-importance of semifinalism as it is a healing drug, while it removes the odor of mouth as well as the ability to sterilize wounds. According to medical experts, half of the paste of “Neem” recovered abdominal pain infection of the wound.The same is called magic medicines due to wound (filling).Grind the semi-fresh leaves and mix water and make it a paste and apply it on the wound.It will not only hurt the wound but will also eliminate germs in a magical manner.Experts said semi-tonnes can be called tonnes, help with stomach lungs, acne, black nails and spots.Juice juice extracted from her leaves can remove many types of diseases because it contains ingredients fighting against bacteria.Semi leaves are also the best way to moisture skin and save from fungus.

According to experts, semi-flower juice is very helpful in reducing weight Neem-flower juice accelerates physical metabolism and stimulates fat, mixing flowers of juice with lime or honey gives quick results.He said that its mixture is cleans hair’s dandruff  and does not allow germs to grow.Apart from this, Neem-maswak is very useful for mouth head.On one side it eliminates the germs and bacteria present in the mouth, on the other side maintains the alkaline level in the slab.Creates seminal teeth and protects the bum from infections. It also ends the wound and the abortion of the mouth.

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