New generation of corruption records have been established in Peshawar Electric Supply Company

The new record of corruption in the Peshawar Electric Supply Company has been established, millions of rupees of electricity has been stolen from unlawful transfers, even in the purchase of transformers, twenty-five crores of rupees, and WAPDA employees are involved in the matter.

New records of corruption and bad management in PESCO were established, according to documents, the WAPDA officer is busy stealing official transformers in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Linear transformer from Swatullah Store in Swat fled abroad and fled abroad, 7 major distribution transformers were recovered from the WAPDA police station in Bannu, the FIA ​​caught 74 transformers stolen in PESCO.

74 illegal transformers and 984 high voltage poles were installed in Bannu out of which 54 transformers were taken away. There is no record of 74 transformers worth millions of worth of money on WAPDA’s workshop in Nowshera, thirteen crores of electricity have been stolen in Khyber area.

PESCO officials have not yet stopped the power stolen by Transformers in PP, the purchase of 50 KV 5 thousand transformers has also been revealed in which the finance has lost a loss of Rs 21 crores.

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