Parachinar crash: Governor distributes checks to the victims of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s martyrdom

According to Engineer Iqbal Zafar jhagra, Wain Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, said that the curse of terrorism could be eliminated. Protecting the lives and property of the citizens is the responsibility of the state and the present government is taking all the facilities in this regard. The governor said that the elements involved in the Parachinar incident will be brought to the infidel.

He was distributing relief checks in the victims of bomb blast in Paramachar, Kurram Agency headquarters. The Governor gave the checks of ten million rupees to the victims of martyr martyrs and five lacs of rupees to the injured. Members of Parliament, high civilian and military officials, tribal elders and victims were also present on the occasion.

Governor said that financial assistance can not be avoided by any means of valuable life, but it is a practical expression of feelings and feelings. Terrorists are failing to harm the national unity, and Inshaullah will not allow the unclean ambitions of the country’s enemy elements to succeed, and protect the borders of the country and ensure their better future of children.

The governor said that there have been a lot of measures for the peace process in the region and in this case tribal people and Pak Army sacrifices are very happy and their sacrifices will not be overwhelming. On this occasion, the Governor also prayed for the martyrdom of the martyrdom of the Parachinar and also for the early recovery of the injured and the victims of the martyrs assured that elements involved in this tragic incident will not be able to escape the grip of the law, Will be delivered.

Referring to the demands of tribal elders, the Governor announced the establishment of a 50-bed Tria Center in Parachinar, and also directed the headquarter. The governor said that delay in FATA reforms is to improve further and all the tribes in FATA reforms will be taken into confidence.

The government said that the current government is taking concrete steps to improve the health and education sectors of FATA. Tribal scholars reiterated the commitment that no defense for civil defense and peace and stability would be avoided.

After reaching Parachinar, the governor of warm was welcomed and detailed briefing was given to the situation in peace in the agency.

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