The famous Pakistani cricketer was banned from outside Pakistan.




LAHORE (P-A-N) Lahore High Court filed an appeal against the Interior Ministry and PCB on July 26, filed a complaint against the suspended cricketer Shahzeb na


med for the episode for the spot fixing in Pakistan Super League.

Under Article 10A, no citizen can be kept without a transparent trial without any criminal trial nor can any action be taken against the law against it, despite the hearing in the trial match, the PC The BKM Progress Home has named Shahzeb in the ECL. Shahzeb’s name is not included in any case but banned from joining the name ECL has been banned.Therefore, the honorable court is to allow Shahzeb to be named ECL, allowing England to meet his family.The court on which the court sought the reply from the Interior Ministry and the PCB July 26.

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