Very worried news about Mary Nawaz heard.

Islamabad [P-A-N]  According to details, the reporter said that the three-member Panama execution bench headed by Justice Ejaz Afzal in the Supreme Court benched the hearing of the Panama case have been saved. Khawar Bhuman added that if the fake is proved then the political career of Mary Nawaz will end before the start.

According to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, They was directors of the Board of Capital FZE companies in the United Arab Emirates.When the court questioned Khawaja Harris about the job in Nawaz Sharif’s UAE, he acknowledged.The three judges said in the today’s hearing about counterfeiting that it is clearly visible that these documents have been revoked and they are counterfeit.In response to the words of judge, Salman Akram Raja gave defense arguments but he did not have any proper answer.Another attorney general, when Justice Azmat Saeed asked, what is a criminal offense? In response to this, he said that there is a seven-year sentence of fraud in the documents. If the fake is proved, then Mary will be convicted of criminal.


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