What happened during some nights? Very amazing news about Ishaq Dar.

Islamabad (Monitoring Desk) What happened to the nights? Talking to a private TV channel program, leading analyst Rauf Klasra said that new lies have been revealed in the Finance Ministry that Ishaq Dar has submitted to the Supreme Court.Finance minister Ishaq Dar claimed earlier that it was said that Ishaq Dar was given a £ 2.8m pound by Dubai.When the new papers were submitted again, 82 million places were 61 lakhs.

Leading journalist Rauf Klasra said that where Ishaq Dar went to 21 million pounds in the night.He further added that they joke with the courts, the name of the 82 million pound in the papers is also incorrectly written.Apart from this, the famous journalist said that Finance Minister Isaac Dar first said that this money had been received to work for three years but now the new papers have been added more than three years in the three years.He added that Ishaq Dar is the only senator in Pakistan who asked Dubai to stay away from five years, I am not living in Pakistan.

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