What is the secret section of the Internet in “Dark Web”? Shocking news..

Brussels (P-A-N) European and American police shut down two large-scale digital web companies by joint action.The number of clients of these companies was more than two lakhe and they also used drugs and weapons.According to the Media reports, the European Union and the United States police announced that the Internet without any legal surveillance, usually called the Internet, is called the “Dark Web”.

Two such illegal illegal companies have been closed, it has been said that these companies did not use their own web-based web sites, criminal-hacking software and illegal weapons trade.The following web portals were ‘Alfabey’ and ‘Hanza Bazar’, from which Alpha Bay was the world’s largest market on the Dark Web.Alfred Bay, a Canadian 25-year-old Canadian citizen, operated by Alkasander  Kazis Thailand, who was arrested on July 5 two weeks ago.

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